Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Science - mircoscopes

Science - Microscopes

This photo is of a thin layer of onion skin taken through a microscope. Can you see the darker dots sitting in and amongst the different sized bubbly squares or as some people say inside the brick wall that is the different onion's DNA. To be able to see the onions DNA you need to put on this special staining oil.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Recipe for learning

1/2 a cup of creativity
2 tbsp of friendliness
300g of respect
A pinch of enthusiasm
1 tsp of organisation
1 cup of independence 
A sprinkle of responsibility
50g of passion
1 tbsp of helpfulness
1/2 a cup of kindness

Preheat oven to 180'c and line any size tray with some baking paper. Mix together 1/2 a cup of creativity, 2 tbsp of friendliness and a pinch of enthusiasm in one bowl. Then grab a large bowl and sift through 1 cup of independence, 300g of respect, 1 tsp of organisation and add a sprinkle of responsibility add the first bowl into the large bowl and heat for 10 minutes. Next while that is heating add 1/2 a cup of kindness, 1 tbsp of helpfulness and 50g of passion. Tip it all into the tray you prepared earlier and cook for 25-30 minutes. Take out of the oven let it cool then cut into about 30 pieces and store in the fridge until ready to eat.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Authors Blurb

Charlotte was born in Auckland on the 24th of August in 2004 she has two older sisters. Her family moved from Auckland when she was one year old, she grew up in Tamahere and now attends Berkley Normal Middle school.

She never really enjoyed writing until one of her teachers asked her to write a narrative. She was so excited she loved making up her own story were nothing had to be true and she could write what ever she felt like. Everyday she would rush home after school ripping open her notepad she would scribble down all the exciting news from her days adventure, soon her notepad was like a river on a stormy night over flowing like crazy on to the bank. After about half a year had pasted Charlotte decided she wanted to turn her writing into a book.

Her book now sits in her bookshelf at home only to be shown to close friends and family most of her stories are based on her own life moments. Stories she has written show what she enjoys such as reading, swimming, tennis, music, hockey and of course writing. Some of her stories also include her love for animals Charlotte has a dog called Pipi, a cat called Pepper P.S they HATE each other, she also has sheep, chickens and a fish.

Charlotte absolutely loves reading books she mostly enjoys fiction books or books based on a true story with a little bit of a twist at the end. Especially Jacqueline Wilson books she was the author who inspired Charlotte to start writing along with that teacher that I was talking about earlier. So maybe Charlotte will turn out to be as famous as Jacqueline Wilson one day and inspire small children as well we'll just have to wait and see.