Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Student Blogging Challenge Magazine

Student Blogging Challenge Magazine

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The student blogging challenge magazine has lots of different links to other student blogs and class blogs, Miss W has chosen some blogs with challenge posts she enjoys and have put their links up on the magazine. My blog is there on the top row YAY! Check out the magazine by clicking on the gadget on my side bar or click on the link down below. Hope you enjoy it!!! 
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Reading - News Item - Homework Week 9


Some year 6 students have parents who are happy to pay for extra tuition ( boost. ) Teachers say that it is affecting their teaching by having more advantaged kids that work faster than expected. Miss Clark a year 6 teacher said herself "That everyone can work through the curriculum at the normal rate and that no one gets special treatment for taking short cuts." The children who's parents did not pay for extra boost lessons felt disadvantaged by not having extra knowledge which caused a negative competition/rivalry between the two groups which also made it very difficult for Miss Clark and others trying to teach. However Miss Clark did not give extra attention to the children who had boost lessons therefore the novelty wear off after a while and they all realised that the boosters only lasted a few months so after awhile the class was all back to normal and focusing on the regular curriculum.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Creative Writing - Magical Homes

Enchanted Little House - 24 Dreamworld Place

Luxury Living In a Magical Home
Are you thinking of a lifestyle change? 
Your wait was worthwhile. 
Be prepared to be impressed by this architecturally designed dream home which is sure to delight. This home is set on a vast 3 acre section with breathtaking views changing to whatever landscape you prefer, coastal, rural or alps. Living and kitchen areas flow nicely together as it all opens up beautifully out the back deck with a wonderfully luxurious lounging area. This slice of paradise has a magically large living/kitchen area, 4 very broad bedrooms, 2 lovely grand bathrooms, a great spacious garage fit for 2 cars + a wood shed just to the side of the garage. This enchanted little house may not look like much from the front but it has many hidden treasures still to be discovered.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Sharing The Planet - U.O.I


Watch the video really inspiring!
Did you watch this video? I thought it was really inspiring and this is how I thought it was connected to our current Unit Of Inquiry: Sharing the Planet.
Reflection: I thought this was connected to sharing the planet because it was explaining how we a tricking our self into thinking that we are helping the planet but really we are polluting and ruining all of earths nature resources, we are destroying all animals habitats and soon enough animals are going to be extinct just because of us. It was also trying to explain to not just sit back and let others do something you need to get in there and help out. If you have any ideas you want to tell me or it inspired you to change in your  life please feel free to comment down below.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Dear Future Generations: Sorry

Watch this video I found it really inspiring. This is a video that Rosie in my class found on youtube and the teacher turned it into a lesson about sharing the planet. Add a comment down the bottom if it inspired you to change anything in your everyday life.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Earth Hour

Saving Power

On Saturday night at 8:30pm we were not home so we're saving power, we were actually up in Auckland at a family friend's house. I had lots of fun that night with my family, we socialised with friends and meet new people, we also caught up with people we hadn't seen for years. It was a really fun night with lots of different people and at the same we were saving power and helping out with earth hour. Its really not that hard to help out the earth every little thing you do can change a lot, so help out, think about what you could do to help, get involved.  

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Quality Comments - Student Blogging Challenge 2

Charlotte's Commenting Guidelines

  • Be kind and positive
  • Try your best not to write slang words
  • Use correct punctuation and try your best in spelling
  • Add your URL so they can visit your blog
  • Introduce yourself and ask questions to get the conversation going
  • Don't let out any personal information
  • Make sure to leave comments that make sense so its not confusing 
Happy Commenting!!!

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Creative Writing - Week 6

Creative Writing - dragons 

Image result for dragons

Our starter for last weeks writing was: 'Dragons stalk the streets, puffing out smoke and clattering their mechanical wings'

My heart thumps. Shadows slither round my curtains as I see saliva dripping from the beasts ruffled chin. A cringing smile slapped on it’s face like it doesn’t belong. It’s tongue sliding it’s way towards me as I sprint further into the maze of walls, hurdling myself towards the bed.

Sitting, shaking, trembling with fear. The beast's face smashes against the clear glass as it comes tumbling closer and closer towards me. Darting across the room I finally manage to avoid the sparkling glass that now lies scattered chaotically around the room. He slowly wanders along to the next house as I see the sun slowly peering out from being locked behind the grey water logged clouds, leaving me stretched out on the soothing carpet astonished.

Science - Dissecting a Sheeps Heart

Dissecting a Sheep's Heart

This is us at school in science last Thursday. We all had the chance to dissect a sheep's heart, we had to cut through the heart into the different tubes and blood vessels. We got to choose if we wanted to wear gloves or not because the hearts were safe enough to not wear any gloves, I wore one glove on one hand and the other hand I held the scissors to cut through the heart but as we got further into the lesson I started using my hand with no glove on more and it didn't even fell that gross. It was a really fun lesson and I learnt a lot so hopefully we will get another chance of doing something similar.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Summative Assessment Task

Summative Assessment Task

At the moment we are working on a S.A.T for our Who We Are unit of inquiry.  Each group have to make/create 3 different items to represent our class, my group is making a class flag, a class motto and a coat of arms. We all have to have a speaking part when we show the class our finishing products and our final presentation (slide show.) All the different groups have to present to the class on Friday afternoon, also in our slide shows we must have all the information about why we chose those colours, images and why we chose that item e.g flag, logo, motto.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Classroom Jobs - Roles and Responsibilities

These are the classroom jobs/responsibilities for term 1 everyone has their own assigned job to check is done throughout or during the day.

Student Blogging Challenge - Week 1 - I am...

My name is Charlotte
I love sport, Hockey, tennis, swimming
I play guitar And piano and really enjoy music
I am a yeaR 7 at BNMS school
I am arty, Love reading and   
I enjoy blOgging on my school blog
I like to talk To people over the internet
I have a blog To visit go to  
This is my avatar for the STUDENT BLOGGING CHALLENGE

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Super 6

Super 6
This is my team playing softball at school last week. Our team won 2 out of 3 of our games which means that the Te Aroha team gets a mufti day of our choice.